2011 CSA Survey Results

Many thanks to those who filled out the 2011 survey.  We are always happy to get feedback.  We already have plans in action to grow more vegetables that people want (like tomatoes) and arrange choices so people can avoid vegetables they do not like as much.  In 2011 many crops suffered from the lack of heat and sun and we are confident we can deliver in the future.  Specific plans include:

1.  We plan to use more technology (greenhouses, high tunnels and row cover) to have produce earlier and grow more warm weather crops.

2.  Corn.  We like corn too, but it just does not suit our farm system well.  Corn takes a lot of space (does not produce much food “per acre”) and is prone to many pests (including raccoons, ear worms and corn borer).  To grow enough corn for us to meet demand we would need to buy more land and use more pesticides.  At this time we plan to grow enough for people to taste, but not enough to for everybody to get as much as they want.  

We are also really encouraged that the people who do not plan to renew are often moving and looking for a new CSA or hoping to start their own garden.  If you have suggestions for our business please let us know.  For all of the results check out this link:  Nature’s Route Farm 2011 Survey Results

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