2010 Survey – results

Thank you to everyone who completed the Survey through ACORN.

We had 106 responses and for the most part people were very happy.  I have posted the tabulated results here as a google doc –  https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AmbweLAe_MqbdG9ZRmJFRlhFRVlVRlkyNTJ6eFlRWEE&hl=en (note that the “dissatisfied” question represent people who had helpful suggestions).  We found the survey very helpful as it confirmed several of our perceptions and surprised us with new insight.  While we will be doing lots of little things as a result of our own assessment and the survey, here is a list of a few “big” improvements we hope to work on during the winter:

  1. New and STRANGE vegetables.  We will include these as choices with more familiar vegetables.  We will also endeavour to do a much better job of providing recipes and other enticing tidbits.
  2. Line-ups.  We are going to streamline several of our operations this winter.  We hope this will result in us being earlier and the line moving faster.  For those who really enjoyed the social aspect of the lines you are most welcome to stick around after you go through the line…
  3. Confusion.  We are going to try to communicate more clearly and provide easier to understand choices next year.

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