Our Farm in 2050

Our farm has evolved a lot over the years. Kent is always aiming to be more sustainable, use less energy and striving to wean the farm off fossil fuels. Kent hopes to see the farm operate using only renewable energy in his lifetime! 

Farming has been a challenge!  We are sure that every season will have lots of challenges; will it be too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry or will there be a catastrophic weather event, what will the next serious pest be? Our expectations have morphed, our realities have been checked and our ambition tried.  We remain very optimistic.

2007-2013. Ruth and Kent started their family and built the farm from scratch.  The farm started small, sales grew quickly had no employees and only modest investments.  Until 2012 business growth was based mostly on their work equity. During the winter of 2012 we really went back to the drawing board to “overhaul” the business.  In 2012 we hired our first full time employee and built our first insulated vegetable barn, installed an electric driven underground irrigation system and greenhouse and in 2013 we built a building twice as large as the first. 

2013- 2016. These were challenging years.  The business continued to grow significantly, as did our two daughters, Jane and Mary.  The business underwent a change of ownership and carried on with Kent as the sole owner.  This change was accompanied by new goals and a new vision.  The farm certified organic and Kent focused on building a robust and enthusiastic team of leaders and crew to get the ever expanding amount of work done while giving him time to take care of Jane and Mary and develop a better life balance.

2050?  Currently relying on diesel to power our trucks and tractors, we are slowly transitioning to more renewable energy.  We hope that electricity generation evolves to become more environmentally friendly and are taking steps to use electric power instead of internal combustion engines.  Our irrigation system uses a 7.5hp electric pump and our forklift is electric.  Over time we hope to generate our own electricity and look forward to technology advancing to make this possible.  Maybe one day we will actually produce a surplus of energy.  Prime movers remain a huge barrier to eliminating fossil fuels.  We will make progress to become more efficient and as technology advances  we look forward to the day when we do not have to use diesel to get our thousands of pounds of produce to markets!


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