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Kent and Potato Planting Crew
Kent and Potato Planting Crew

Kent Coates – Farm Owner

I spent 12 years in the Navy and in 2006, as the Head of the Marine Systems Engineering Department in HMCS FREDERICTON, I decided that with a young family and lots of energy it was time to farm the land we had purchased four years earlier.  During my time in the Navy I had two main hobbies: first, I took every opportunity to learn about agriculture and farm businesses and second, athletics including cycling, triathlons and later white water canoeing.  While I raced at two world championships and a world games, I find my business takes just as much energy and comes with a lot more challenges.  The challenges can be rewarding and I take great satisfaction in developing environmentally sound crop rotations and farm practices while growing great tasting food.  “Putting things away for the winter” is another satisfying part of our work; getting all the hay made, firewood stored and storage crops safely “in” for the winter leaves a great sense of accomplishment.  I also like to challenge myself with designing and manufacturing specialized farm equipment to make our farm run more efficiently.  I like building things: machinery, buildings, and community.  I envision my farm growing more and more food that we produce using very sustainable practices while reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.  I think that a farm is a great place to bring up children.

23 January 2018

 I want to grow organic vegetables in a way that inspires hope for our health, our environment and our community.

I strive to have a positive influence.  Specifically, I want to contribute to our economy whilst enhancing health through great tasting food and encouraging healthy lifestyles.  I believe in supporting our community, empowering youth and enabling seniors to live healthy and productive lives.  Farming is pragmatic and provides a real tangible product that can embrace the challenges of a world where more and more things are instantly gratifying and increasingly virtual.  I believe the benefits do not discriminate; regardless of ethnicity, gender and age.

 I want to empower people through their own health and wellness to make the world a better place.  To transcend health, perspective and lifestyle to collectively, through our network of customers, employees and family bring positive and practical solutions to problems of our times.  Our impact on the environment will change the world forever. Our world is governed by the few; the rich and the influential.  They are not in government. They are the businesses that control how we eat, what we watch and they change the way we act. Some of them are good, many of them are driven purely by profits. Our free will (and collective purchasing power) is society’s way of balancing this power and focusing these hugely powerful and influential powers to do good.

 There are many idealists who pursue environmental initiatives, organic agriculture, fashionable diets and social activism.  Mine is to bring about change subtly through people’s food. Not to preach to the choir. I strive to be a “tempered idealist”; to make changes based on infiltrating the masses and encouraging them to make healthier and more responsible decisions.  I share the North American dream: to set out on an unknown journey to make something from nothing, to be self-sufficient, to build something that is free of the stigmas and biases of where we came from.  It will take hard work, many failures, few victories, much sweat and some tears. There will never be a destination; but, the journey will leave many people better for it and hopefully inspire others to pursue noble causes and move humanity to a better place.  With so many marginalized people and even communities, I see much opportunity in sharing my dream with others and hope that they too can take satisfaction from focusing on healthy and productive contributions.  I want to do my little bit to infect people with hope about their future.

 I want to inspire people to be part of practical things like hard work, good food and a sense of community. I believe that each one of us has an obligation above all else to take care of ourselves FIRST. Without maximizing our physical and mental health we marginalize our potential as a good employee, a good boss, a good partner and a good parent. The world is changing so fast; I feel it is important to embrace change while remaining grounded.

 I believe that my farm is the perfect place where all of these things can come together in a positive way.

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