About Us

Kent and Potato Planting Crew
Kent and Potato Planting Crew

Kent Coates – Farm Owner

I spent 12 years in the Navy and in 2006, as the Head of the Marine Systems Engineering Department in HMCS FREDERICTON, I decided that with a young family and lots of energy it was time to farm the land we had purchased four years earlier.  During my time in the Navy I had two main hobbies: first, I took every opportunity to learn about agriculture and farm businesses and second, athletics including cycling, triathlons and later white water canoeing.  While I raced at two world championships and a world games, I find my business takes just as much energy and comes with a lot more challenges.  The challenges can be rewarding and I take great satisfaction in developing environmentally sound crop rotations and farm practices while growing great tasting food.  “Putting things away for the winter” is another satisfying part of our work; getting all the hay made, firewood stored and storage crops safely “in” for the winter leaves a great sense of accomplishment.  I also like to challenge myself with designing and manufacturing specialized farm equipment to make our farm run more efficiently.  I like building things: machinery, buildings, and community.  I envision my farm growing more and more food that we produce using very sustainable practices while reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.  I think that a farm is a great place to bring up children.


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