Safety – For You and Us

Honesty, quality and safety are the underlying principles of our farm.  Without a safe place for our family and safe food for our community our farm will never succeed.  We always say that we want everybody who comes to our farm to leave with all their fingers and toes and that one food safety problem and our farm is out of business.  Accordingly, we have written down our practices.

We have published our Safety Policies to be transparent with our clients and to share our knowledge with others.  We ask if you are going to use it or any significant part of it that you let us know.  This will enable us to keep track of how widely it is used and send users updates as it evolves.  Our policies have been customized for our farm and must be adapted to other farms to be thorough.

Nature’s Route Farm Safety Statement

Nature’s Route Farm General Farm Safety

Nature’s Route Farm Food Safety Policy